Probate Dispute

Probate Dispute

What is Probate Dispute?

            Probate dispute is when there is a lawsuit or litigation over any aspect of law that goes through the probate court or probate process. Probate disputes include a wide a variety of issues from will contests, trust litigation, guardianships, and conservatorships.

Do I have a Claim or Case?

            Whether or not you have a claim or case will depend on a wide variety of factors that will determine your standing and the strength of your claim. Only certain people can contest a will, litigate a trust, or obtain a guardianship or conservatorship. For more specific advice for each area you can read our other articles on the subject.

            As a brief overview, in order to have standing to sue for a will or trust you must be either a beneficiary of the will or trust or have certain powers for a trust. For a guardianship or conservatorship, you must be a government agency, a government employee, or an interested person like those for a will. In other words, you generally need to have some sort of relation to the person you are petitioning for guardianship over.

What Should I do Next?

            The best thing to do next is either read our further blog posts on the issue you are faced with or you can contact me to help figure out the best path forward. The best way to contact me is through either my office number (310) 598-7191 or email info@bridge.law.


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