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Bridge Legal Effectively Handles Probate Litigation

The probate process can be confusing and challenging for everyone involved, particularly if you and your family have never been through a legal proceeding. Unfortunately, probate administration also creates a situation ripe for disputes. If you are involved in a family inheritance dispute, you need a knowledgeable Los Angeles probate litigation attorney to help protect your interests.

If you are the one designated to serve as the administrator of your loved one’s estate, for example, you may find yourself under considerable pressure, with duties ranging from collecting and preparing an inventory of the estate’s assets, identifying and paying creditors, determining whether and how to sell certain property to pay outstanding debts and protecting the remaining assets until they can be distributed to any inheritors. The process can be slow and requires meticulous attention to detail. As compensation for the administrator is paid out of the assets of the estate, it is not surprising that other family members who stand to inherit may scrutinize every decision you make. Under the strain of a loved one’s death, and where family relationships may already be frazzled, disagreements and even lawsuits among family members over estate administration are not uncommon.

Careful estate planning may avoid the need for an extended probate proceeding. However, even where a deceased loved one has put the proper documentation in place to direct what happens with their estate, disputes and challenges to the terms of a will, trust or other estate planning documents often occur. This is particularly true where family members believe that the terms of those documents or the decisions made pursuant to them do not reflect their loved one’s true wishes or objectives. Claims of undue influence, mistake, mental capacity and breach of duty are serious allegations that require careful negotiation and potentially aggressive litigation.

What Types of Cases Does Bridge Legal Handle?

Bridge Legal can represent any party to an inheritance dispute, including administrators, executors or trustees, other beneficiaries or omitted heirs, creditors or other entities with potential claims related to an intestate estate, will, trust or other estate planning document. Claims we handle include:

  • Defense of or removal of an administrator, executor or trustee
  • Claims of improper estate accounting
  • Claims of mishandling estate assets, including improper sale or disposition of property
  • Claims of undue influence, fraud or diminished mental capacity
  • Trust or will contests
  • Guardianship or conservatorship disputes

How Can a Los Angeles Probate Attorney Help?

The distribution of financial or real property assets after a loved one’s death can be a divisive process. Without the guidance of an experienced estate litigation attorney who can help you navigate the rules governing inheritance disputes, you may inadvertently forfeit your rights or property. Bridge Legal is committed to advocate ardently on your behalf and to work diligently and with the sensitivity required to help you and your family members reach a mutually acceptable solution that respects your loved one’s final wishes.

If you are facing probate or other inheritance disputes, call or text us today or contact us online for a free consultation to discuss your options.

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